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The first organized and recorded game of ice hockey was played indoors in Montreal, QuebecCanada, on March 3,and featured several McGill University students. A lot of people might say that the victory was just on.

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Ball hockey is played in a gym using sticks and a ball, often a tennis ball with the felt removed. Love in my life essay achievements about grandparents essay youtubers essay about volunteer immigration reform ads essay writing examples for interview writing written essay wikihow essay on a professional love story.

The players kneel facing one another on either side of the box, and each attempts to move the puck to the hole on their left. We have not had medals in World Cup either. It helps in improving the body stamina by offering good health. Currently he is appointed as the manager of Indian hockey team.

The players continue running with the ball and try to pass it on to one or the other player of their team so as to score a goal. Each team has six players on the ice, one goalie, two defensemen, two wingers, and one center man.

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Hockey is famous as an interesting game; you cannot take eyes from the start of the game till the last minute. Unicycle hockey is played on a hard surface using unicycles as the method of player movement.

It is not so easy however regular practice of this game may help a lot to be the champion. It was an English school game however brought to India by British Army regiments. Outstanding players are rewarded and awarded every year and the famous trophies allied with Hockey are: From to it was the golden period of hockey in India when its brilliant players had won the six consecutive Olympic gold medals for it.

First hockey club in India was formed in Calcutta The rules are basically the same as for ice hockey, but one variation has an extra player on the ice called a "rover".

All sticks are right-handed — left-handed sticks are not permitted. After that year, India had continued maintaining its world championship in hockey till it lost to win in the Rome Olympics. Box Hockey being played in Miami, Florida, Air hockey is played indoors with a puck on an air-cushion table.

Major penalties are given mainly for fighting or cutting or drawing blood with a stick, they result in five minutes in the penalty box. The British regiments brought up this game before Independence and from then Hockey became a famous game in our country.

All the hockey essay provided below are written in easy words and simple sentences. It is not an expensive game and can be played by any youth. During play, the puck must normally be kept moving. At that time, the Indian hockey players were doing really excellent job of them, so their regular win and outstanding talent was the reason to choose this game as a national game of the country.

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Shinty is a Scottish game now played primarily in the Highlands Skater hockey is a variant of inline hockey, played with a ball. During play, the puck must normally be kept moving. Ice hockey was evolved as a derivative of field hockey to be played in the icy conditions of Canada and northern United States.

The player makes some sweeps of the stick some wide and some narrow. It should be highly promoted among students from the school time by providing them all the facilities from the end of teachers, parents and government.

If the pass is received past the centerline an official signals the pass offside and conducts a face-off where the play began. If it is hit over the boards, held by the goalie, out of the referee's sight, frozen between opposing players, or is otherwise temporarily out of play, an official blows a whistle for a face-off.

Skating is the most important hockey skill. It is a game of two teams with eleven players in each. Minor penalties are given for violations like holding, tripping or hooking resulting in two minutes in the penalty box.

Essay on the national game of India - Hockey

Our country has been the world champion of hockey in and had won 6 gold medals in the Olympics games. It is not an expensive game and can be played by any youth. Jan 28,  · Essay on Hockey Hockey is a fast, exciting sport played by two teams on a sheet of ice called a rink.

Each team has six players on the ice, one goalie, two defensemen, two wingers, and one center man. Hockey is a very fast game, but also a rough one.

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This is why hockey players today wear a lot of padding. The modern day player wears skates, shin pads, hockey pants, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves and a helmet.

Hockey Essay 3 ( words) Introduction. Hockey is a national game of India in spite of ever-growing popularity of other games and sports in India (like cricket, badminton, etc). It is not officially recognized however chosen as national game. Sports and Games Essay in English. RJ Suhaib English Essay, essay in English, make money, Sometime, they play games to learn physical skills.

Games make people active and powerful. football, cricket and hockey are the popular games now-a-days. The youth of today want to assert skills.

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Games and sports provide them with such means. If such.  Ice Hockey History: Ice hockey is a played on ice with a hockey stick and a Hockey was created in the form of IJscolf, or Colf on ice, which was popular in the Low Countries between the middle Ages and the Dutch Golden Age.

The game was played with a wooden curved bat and a ball made of wood or leather between two poles or simply convenient nearby landmarks, with the object hitting the chosen.

Hockey Essay. Topics: Ice hockey sports. The historians don’t know for certain where the name Hockey came from.

Essay on Hockey

But most of them thought the name hockey have been adapted by the English from the French word hoquet (shepherd's crook). II. The Object Of The Game Hockey is a simple game. The offense tries to hit the puck into the net.

Essay on hockey game in english
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Essay on the national game of India - Hockey